Helping each other discover the up side of disagreement and conflict though authentic interaction is a pathway to solutions


My lifeWORK is to enrich people’s understanding of human communication—within themselves, with others, and with the circumstances they encounter day in and out. It is in the context of our everyday communication interactions that we participate, consciously or not, in co-creating the realities we inhabit—good, bad and otherwise—at home, in our workplaces, communities, country and world.

Leadership and Organizational Development Consulting

Collaborating with leaders to achieve meaningful outcomes with others

  • Organization-wide change: structure, direction, operational workflow, interactive practices, and culture
  • Leadership development and coaching
  • Workgroup effectiveness


Creating generative spaces for people to engage in authentic, substantive conversations

  • Strategic planning
  • Problem solving
  • Resolving conflict
  • Exploring possibilities
  • Learning from and with others about topics that matter


Fostering participative learning in classroom and professional workshops

  • University graduate courses and guest lectures
  • In-house and public workshops
  • Topics:
    • Leadership for Sustainability
    • Leadership and Power in Organizations
    • Process Consultation
    • Generative Communication
    • Navigating Conflict with Purpose
    • Collaboration that Works


Delivering lively presentations about relevant leadership and communication topics tailored for each audience

  • Conference keynote
  • Conference breakout
  • Panel participant
  • Onstage interview
  • Professional and community meetings
  • Virtual presentations
  • See teaching topics

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