Co-creating and Sustaining Life in our Everyday Interactions

Generative Communication

Generative Communication is a particular way of thinking about and practicing human communication consciously as if our lives — our humanity — depend on it.

Enriching people’s understanding of human communication

Mary Ferdig asking questions and challenging each to explore ideas in a new way. What if we think of it this way instead?
What happens if we think about it this way, instead?
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“People generally see what they look for, and hear what they listen for.”
Harper Lee,
To Kill a Mockingbird
A leader in every chair as we explore local climate change challenges and solutions
A leader in every chair

What  people are saying about my work

Mary is able to unpack and describe complex systems and ideas in down-to-earth ways that help others grasp and apply them. She uses real life examples from her work and personal life which allow us to better understand how we create our unfolding experience of the world, our communities, our relationships and ourselves. While this is serious and important business with great implications for our shared journeys through life, Mary handles it all with a light and inviting touch.
Alison V. Rider
Friend, colleague and former client
Retired manager, Omaha Public Power District

Mary’s Musings

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