General – Mary A. Ferdig
April 26, 2024

Positively Generative!

I recently had a conversation with my book editor, which initiated a delightful reflection on why I chose the term “generative” to describe a dramatically different view of human communication underpinned by a mindset that enables us to co-create something uniquely new in our conscious interactions with others. A dive into what generative means in different disciplines.
February 25, 2024

Unity Through Diversity with Generative Communication

The first rule of Generative Communication is a reminder that meanings are in people, not words! So, one person’s meaning is never the same as another’s, given that each person’s lifeview—their experiences, interpretations, and beliefs—are as unique as their fingerprints.
December 9, 2023

Happy Generative Holidays to YOU!

Exploring the essence of our core integrity, acknowledging our vulnerabilities, and examining our unique lifeviews are good ways to prompt the internal conversations that help put us in touch with our authentic selves.
September 23, 2023

Chatting with Your Inner SELVES: Unpacking Your Generative Communication Choices

Next time you find yourself engaged in a conversation that matters, take a moment. Think of your layers of SELVES. Consider whether you’re just airing your views without considering the overall goal or the sentiments, needs and inputs of those with whom you’re conversing.
August 20, 2023

Outside Communication: The YOU Other People See

Your outside communication likely reveals something of your inside communication. Psychologists say humans tend to make assumptions about others’ values, biases, and points of view, as well as credibility, in every communication interaction. So, from a Generative Communication perspective, it pays to give some attention to your inside communication.