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Inside & Outside Generative Communication

Thank you for taking the quiz! You are well on your way to practicing Generative Communication.



TRUE or FALSE? Your inside communication is the communication you have with other people. 

ANSWERFalse. Your inside communication is the communication you have inside your head and heart. 


TRUE or FALSE? People can invariably figure out your inside communication by how you speak and act on the outside. 

ANSWER: False.  No one knows your inside communication, but people often make assumptions about your integrity, values, and credibility based on your words, nonverbal cues, and actions. 


TRUE or FALSE? Practicing Generative Communication requires you to focus on one dimension—your present-moment interaction with another person(s).

ANSWER: False. Generative Communication is multidimensional including your internal conversations (thinking), your interactions with one person or several people via words/statements, spoken or written, your nonverbal cues (often unconscious), and your actions. There are even more dimensions, but this is a good start.  


TRUE or FALSE? You can communicate generatively if you’ve never heard of “inside-out” communication!

ANSWER: True. You may already be aware of the extent to which your thoughts, beliefs, and attitudes affect your communication with others and the world around you. 


How well did you do? 

4 right answers: A+ You’re likely already practicing Inside-Out Generative Communication.

3 right answers: You’ve almost got it.

2 right answers: You’re getting closer.

1 right answer:  You’re on the right track.

0 right answers:  You might want to read this month’s blog  (and maybe, last month’s blog) and try the quiz again.  

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